Taking down Christian Skredsvig’s “Youth Festivity in Eggedal” (1895). Photo: Nasjonalmuseet

The Logistics department

The logistics department handles the transport of art within the National Museum, packing for external transport, and Registrar tasks for incoming and outgoing loans of works for exhibitions and purchases. The department also manages the museum storages.

The National Museum storage technicians are experts in packing and transporting art. These are services required by colleagues in other divisions and departments in connection with research, photographing, conservation, exhibition work, new acquisitions and loans.

The National Museum’s collections are stored in ten different storages. Here the storage managers control logistics operations using techniques ranging from barcodes to specially developed apps. They pack and store cases and transport frames wherever required. They monitor temperatures, humidity and insects. Where insects are suspected, it is the task of the storage managers and technicians to treat the affected objects by freezing or heating.

The department has four registrars responsible for procedures associated with purchases and loans, both incoming and outgoing, short- and long-term. The registrars deal with contracts, insurance, transport arrangements, and other secretarial tasks for the purchase- and loan committees.

The logistics department was formed in 2005 in response to the technical challenges posed by the 2003 fusion of four separate institutions, each with its own venue, to form the National Museum.

Over the years the section has built up considerable experience in the field of internal transport and will play a crucial role in the relocation of the National Museum’s collections to the new building at Vestbanen in Oslo.