Rules for the ordering and loan of archive materials

Ordering archive materials

Items from the archives can be ordered via The digital archive catalogues contain archive references to be used when ordering.

For assistance with ordering:

Orders can be placed online from home, or via one of the computers in the museum library. The archive catalogues are also available in print in the museum library.

There is a limit of max. six archive items (inventories or boxes) per order.

Order-processing times

The user must allow three days for an order to be processed.

Visiting the reading room

The reading room is open to anyone who wishes to use the museum’s archive collections. Requests for archive materials are to be made by filling out an order form. The material will be issued by appointment.

Outdoor clothing must be placed in the cloakroom, which has hangers and lockers for the use of visitors. Only writing materials, portable computers and documents relevant to the visitor’s research work may be taken into the reading room. The use of ink and pens is prohibited in the reading room.

Visitors must report to the desk on the ground floor in order to collect requested materials.

The visitor is required to sign the visitors book on every visit to the archive.

All visitors are requested to respect the fact that the reading room is a place of work.

The archive’s staff will assist with advice on how to navigate the archive and its materials. Nevertheless, visitors must be prepared to do most of the work themselves – it may take time to find what you are looking for in the archives.

Returning materials

Before leaving the reading room after consulting archive materials, you must report to the desk on the ground floor or to a member of the archive’s staff, who will ensure that the items are returned to safe storage. Do not leave archive materials unattended in the reading room.

Privacy-protected materials

Be aware that some archive items may contain confidential information. Special permission must be sought to access these items. For reasons of privacy protection, it is prohibited to disclose information that could hurt or offend others. The archive’s staff will assist with information if you have to apply for permission to consult archive items (i.e., if public access to an item is in some way restricted).

Reserving archive materials

Visitors to the reading room can reserve requested materials for up to one week.

Use of original materials / copies

Some source materials may be substituted user copies. Where these are available, the originals are generally not available for consultation.

Safety precautions

Archive materials may not be removed from the reading room.

Archive materials are irreplaceable and must be handled with care. Consequently, we request that you:

  • Only open one archive box or package at any one time.
  • Always leave documents in the order in which you find them.
  • Never remove items without replacing them. If you believe something is in the wrong place or something is missing, report it to the staff. Do not mark archive materials with a pencil or pen, or make folds in them.
  • Do not place archive materials beneath paper that you write on.
  • Do not place open inventories on top of each other.
  • Use a book support when reading an inventory.
  • Only handle archive items with clean, dry hands. If possible use archival gloves.

All theft and wilful damage will be prosecuted.