Conference program "From the Coolest Corner"

17-18 January 2013 at Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Thursday 17.01.13

09.00  Registration
09.30  Introduction by Oslo National Academy of the Arts
09.45  Etienne Glaser (S): Art and identity
10.15  Liesbeth den Besten (NL): How cool is the coolest corner?

11.00  Break

11.15  Helena Lehtinen: The present is not just the present
11.55  Kim Buck (DK): iBuck

12.15  Break

13.15  Kjetil Røed (NO): The intimacy of perception
13.45  Marjan Unger (NL):Time
14.15  Sofia Björkman (S): Middle is not so cool

14.35  Break

15.00  Jantje Fleischhut (NL): Plastic and outer space
15.20  Widar Halén (NO): The new National Museum and its collection of recent art jewellery
15.50  Summery /Questions by Oslo National Academy of the Arts

16.30  Break

17.00  Walk to the openings of exhibitions
17.30  RAM galleri: Camilla Luihn - The cloud, the wave and the koi remix
18.00  Galleri Format: Below Sea Level - Jewellery from the Netherlands
19.15  Bus from the galleries in Kongens gate to the next opening
19.30  Vigelandmuseet –Aftermath of art jewellery

Friday 18.01.13

09.00  Introduction of the second day by Oslo National Academy of the Arts
09.10  Introduction of the project Aftermath of art jewellery
09.15  Sigurd Bronger (NO): Aftermath of art jewellery
09.30  Stefan Heuser (DE): Aftermath of art jewellery
09.50  Norman Weber (DE): Aftermath of art jewellery
10.10  Reinhold Ziegler (NO): Aftermath of art jewellery

10.30  Break

11.00  Gertrud Sandqvist (S): What do we mean by the Nordic?
11.40  Yuka Oyama (J/DE): Inclusive approach
12.00  Break
13.00  Karen Pontoppidan (S/DE): Ädellab - The State of Things
13.20  Manuel Vilhena (POR): Breaking the ice

13.50  Break

14.00  Tanel Veenre (EST): Where is home of the soul?
14.20  Jorunn Veiteberg (NO/DK): Breaking Out - Some avant garde strategies in jewellery from 1970s till today

15.00  Break

15.30  Debate with Sofia Björkman, Knut A. Bull (Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo), Injgerd Hanevold (Oslo National Academy of the Arts), Yuko Oyama, Karen Pontoppidan, Gertrud Sandqvist, Manuel Vilhena – directed by Olga Schmedling (Oslo National Academy of the Arts)

16.30  Break

17.00  Openings of exhibitions at Oslo National Academy of the Arts
17.00  KL!NK & friends present The Black of Night
18.00  Galerie Marzee (NL) presents young Nordic jewellers
18.00  Presentation of the international workshop with Ted Noten (NL)
19.00  Banquet (registration required) at Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Saturday 19.01.13

11.00  Windows: outside reception
12.00  Guided tour at Kunstnerforbundet: Ingjerd Hanevold –Natural Wonders
14.00  Official Opening of From the Coolest Corner at the National Museum, The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design