Samlinger og forskning

International Conference Edvard Munch and / in modernism, September 18-21 2013, Oslo

"Edvard Munch and/in Modernism" focuses on debates about Munch’s contribution to − and ambiguous and unsettled position in − the history of modernism. It embraces a revisionist problematizing of the general concept of modernism and specifically queries the ways in which Munch’s art, career, and legacy are interpreted within historiographic and theoretical perspectives. The contributions investigate how Munch has been both written into, and stricken from, modernist art-historical literature. They also examine ways in which his art has been included in contemporary artistic and institutional frameworks and discourses.

The conference is held in conjunction with Munch 150, a major retrospective exhibition organised by the Munch Museum and the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design (Oslo) to celebrate Munch’s birth. See for information in English and Norwegian about the anniversary organisation and events. This research conference is a trilateral initiative by the two museums and the University of Oslo’s Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas (IFIKK) and is linked to their on-going research project "Munch and Modernity".