Along the Coast - Gude and his students around 1870

19 February 2016–8 May 2016

The National Gallery

Sparkling Seas and Full-blown Sails
After his national romantic period in Düsseldorf, Hans Gude developed a more realistic style based on maritime motifs. This left its mark on many of his famous students in Karlsruhe, including Frits Thaulow, Christian Krohg and Kitty Kielland from Norway.

In line with the development of plein-air (outdoor) painting, Gude’s perception of the landscape changed during the 1860s. “Along the Coast” traces this alteration, as well as the stylistic impact it had on his students and their themes. The interest in ships and coastal culture among painters and the art-buying public was connected with maritime progress in Norway. Through realistic depictions of their own native regions along the coast of Southern Norway, the artists now focused on a whole new range of subjects.