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Artists: Biographic reference works


Norsk kunstnerleksikon [The Norwegian dictionairy of artists]
4 volumes, released 1982-1986.
Reference work on Norwegian artists, architects and craftsmen.
This version has been scanned from the printed edition by the National Library of Norway.

An online version of Norsk kunstnerleksikon is beeing prepared by the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in cooperation with Store Norske Leksikon.
The two first volumes (A-M) is launched at http://nkl.snl.no/

Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon Online
(Accessible to visitors in the library.)
Contains authoritative, up-to-date biographical information on more than 1 million artists.
Incorporates the printed version of Thieme-Becker/Vollmer encyclopedia and Allgemeines Künstnerlexikon.

Oxford art online
(Accessible to visitors in the library.)
Comprehensive reference work which is the access point for Grove Art Online, the Benezit Dictionary of Artists and The concise Oxford dictionary of art terms.