Conservation in the National Museum. Photo: Nasjonalmuseet


One of the museum’s most important tasks is to ensure that the works of art in our holdings are maintained in the best possible condition.

Our conservators treat, document, and study the museum’s collections of paintings, paper drawings, textiles, decorative arts and design, installations, and electronic media.

The museum’s department of conservation has the principal responsibility for taking care of the objects in the museum’s collections. Among other things, this entails ensuring that the conditions during exhibitions, in storage facilities, or during transport help extend the lifetime of the works of art as much as possible.

An important part of the conservators’ work is to examine and document the condition of the works in connection with loans, exhibitions, or acquisitions. We study artistic techniques and materials by using X-ray scanners, microscopy, and other means, and collaborate with art historians and other conservators both nationally and internationally in research projects on works in our collection.