Nytt bibliotek
Architect: Kleihues +Schuwerk

The National Museum’s library and archive are moving!

In summer 2019 we will start moving into beautiful, spacious new premises in the new museum building at Vestbanen.

The new art library will be open and accessible to all art enthusiasts.

Here, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in literature, no matter what their project – research, writing, keeping up to date – or to read more about the exhibitions on show at the National Museum at any one time.

The new location will make the art library a central meeting place. Here our extensive collections and treasures will be accessible in a modern and functional environment.

We look forward to welcoming you to the National Museum’s new library and documentation archive!

The big move

Our library, archive and research section is already busily preparing for the move.

More than 200,000 books and 2,000 metres of archival shelf content is being readied for transfer to the National Museum’s large new art library, which is scheduled to open in 2020. It is a massive and challenging operation.

Fine-combing the collection

The library must ensure that everything in its collections is catalogued and retrievable, and remains so after the move. Consequently, activity in the stacks, storerooms and offices throughout the museum’s buildings is now intense.

Every publication, no matter what its size, has to be taken from a shelf, evaluated and, where necessary, registered afresh and re-indexed. For many books, catalogue entries in the library’s database need rewriting. There are items to stamp and shelves to label, and many volumes are in need of repair before they can be stowed in specially constructed boxes. A certain amount of material will be given away or sent for recycling.

Protecting against damage

The documentation archive contains large amounts of material that has never been properly surveyed. Everything in the archives must be catalogued and sorted prior to the move. Old boxes and covers that might damage their contents are being replaced with new acid-free alternatives. All the shelves have to be marked and their arrangement recorded to facilitate their relocation.

Due to the immense amount of work involved in auditing our collections ready for the move to the new art library and documentation archive at Vestbanen, we ask our visitors for their understanding if at any point in the months ahead we fail to provide the quality of help they could usually expect.