Oppdagelsen av fjellet

Exhibition catalogue
Contributors: Nils Messel and Rune Slagstad
190 pages. Norwegian and English text
ISBN 978-82-8154-028-6
Price: NOK 198

This catalogue presents the pioneers who helped to establish the Norwegian mountains as an artistic motif, the first of whom made the arduous trek down to the Vøringfossen Waterfall, up to the Skagastølstindane mountain ridge and in to the glaciers in and around Jostedalen Valley. A key figure behind the mapping of the mountains was Danish Johannes Flintoe, who together with geologists, botanists and topographers set out to explore his new home country and document what he saw in writing and on canvas. He later exhibited these paintings at a number of popular cosmorama exhibitions. Other artists followed: Johan Christian Dahl, Knut Baade, Thomas Fearnley, Hans Gude and more are also included in the richly illustrated catalogue.