Norway Says

Exhibition catalogue
Contributors: Widar Halén, Mark Isitt, Espen Johnsen and Laura Houseley
Editors: Widar Halén and Marianne Yvenes
24 pages. Norwegian, Swedish and English text
ISBN 978-82-8154-038-5
Price: NOK 98

The exhibition and the catalogue mark the 10-year anniversary of the design group, Norway Says, comprising Torbjørn Andreassen, Andreas Engesvik and Espen Voll. They have attracted considerable attention at a number of exhibitions in Norway and the world over, and have won a wide range of prizes since their successful first exhibition in 2000 at the Salone Satellite during the La Triennale di Milano exhibition. Norway Says creates simple, neo-minimalist furniture and design products with both emotional and functional appeal. They are working within an international design culture, but their manufacturers are primarily Norwegian or located in other Scandinavian countries. Their products derive from a revitalisation of Scandinavian Design ideals from the 1990s.