Rolf Nesch. En grafiker utenom allfarvei / A print-maker off the beaten track

Exhibition catalogue
Contributors: Eivind Otto Hjelle and Sidsel Helliesen
Editors: Sidsel Helliesen, Ellen Lerberg, Bodil Sørensen and Marianne Yvenes
128 pages. Norwegian and English text
ISBN 978-82-8154-042-2
Price: NOK 148

Rolf Nesch has a special position in 20th century graphic arts history. His power of expression and ability to create graphic imagery was accompanied by radical experimentation with the medium, and he developed a technique entirely his own, metal printing. Nesch’s production is varied, not just in terms of technique, but also stylistically and thematically. His overall graphic production comprises at least 860 works. The illustrated catalogue contains a biographical article about the artist, one about his activity as a graphic artist and also a brief explanation of his various techniques.