Rolf Nesch. The Complete Graphic Works

By Sidsel Helliesen and Bodil Sørensen
520 pages. English text
ISBN 978-88-572-0400-0
Price: NOK 1 699
Published by Skira Editore in collaboration with the National Museum

Efforts to produce a complete catalogue of Rolf Nesch’s graphic art began in 1988 and were intensified in 2006, resulting in a two-volume work. The catalogue contains a total of 866 identified works. It also mentions 74 unidentified works which are only known from written sources. There are presumably more. Many of the works are owned by the artist’s family, but the National Museum also has a sizeable collection. Likewise, many prints can be found in German museums and in private collections in Norway and abroad. This catalogue provides new insight into Nesche’s entire production of graphic works and may contribute to a reevaluation of his position in the history of modern graphic arts. The catalogue will also serve as a reference work for many years to come. The book has 187 colour illustrations and is an elegant work in itself.