Statens kunstakademi 100 år

Exhibition catalogue
Contributors: Åse Markussen, Vibeke Waallann Hansen, Ellen Lerberg and Stian Grøgaard
Editor: Marianne Yvenes
160 pages. Norwegian and English text
ISBN 978-82-8154-039-2
Price: NOK 150

The Academy of Fine Art was established in 1909 on the initiative of the artist’s union, Bildende Kunstneres Styre, the predecessor to today’s Norwegian Visual Artists Association. Instruction began in November of that year with 29 students and three professors: the painters Christian Krohg and Halfdan Strøm, and sculpter Gunnar Utsond. Today the Academy is part of the Oslo National Academy of Arts. The National Museum marked the 100th anniversary of the Academy of Fine Arts with an exhibition of a wide range of works from the museum’s own collection, which includes works from most of the professors and instructors who have taught at the Academy. The catalogue contains articles which recount the history of the Academy, examine strategies concerning contemporary art in the 20th century and provide a critical analysis of the debates in recent years about its integration under the Oslo National Academy of Arts.