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Byen og Blindern. Universitetet i Oslo 200 år

Exhibition catalogue
Various contributors
256 pages. Norwegian and English text
ISBN 978-82-8154-061-3
Price: NOK 198

The University of Oslo is Norway’s oldest and largest university. When it was established in 1811 it was an important symbol for Norway as a new, independent nation. Since then, the university’s construction projects during changing times and varying architectural ideals have been a frequent topic of debate. Much has changed since the first buildings were erected in the city centre and the Tøyen area to the time of the subsequent construction at Blindern and Gaustadbekkdalen. At the time the construction of lower Blindern was launched the dominant architectural style was Neoclassic, but at the end of the 1920s there was a shift towards Functionalism. The catalogue contains eight specially written texts which in part build upon previous research and in part present new findings. The large number of photographs gives the reader greater insight into unfulfiled plans, international role models and the buildings as they are today.