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Nicholas Hlobo. Skulptur • installasjon • performance • tegning

Exhibition catalogue
Contributors: Jan Erik Lundström, Kerryn Greenberg and Gavin Jantjes
Editors: Gavin Jantjes and Marianne Yvenes
206 pages. Norwegian and English text
ISBN 978-82-8154-055-2
Price: NOK 150

Nicholas Hlobo is a young, South African artist who focuses on themes such as cultural and sexual identity. He belongs to a new generation that does not want to highlight the struggle against apartheid, but rather the opportunities for expression made possible by South Africa’s new Constitution. Hlobo’s roots are from the Xhosa culture, which often forms the basis of his art. In his works he frequently weaves together different types of recycled materials, such as rubber inner tubes from tyres, different types of cloth, ribbon, latex, silicon and wood. The formats vary from small objects to major spatial installations. The titles of all of Hlobo’s works are in his native language. His art stands out in terms of both its technique and its artistic perspective and has demonstrated appeal in his home country and abroad. The catalogue sheds light on the artist and his work through informative texts and a wide array of photographs.