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Snorre Ytterstad. SQUARED TARGET

Exhibition catalogue
Text: Erling Moestue Bugge, Randi Godø and Jan Verwoert
160 pages. Norwegian and English text
ISBN 978-82-8154-060-6
Price: NOK 148

Snorre Ytterstad’s artistic production takes place where art as installation, sculpture and intervention meet. In recent years in particular, he has focused much of his attention on everyday objects and spatial relations. Often seen in his exploratory, playful, but also thought-provoking works is a conscious use of art to reflect over major, overarching themes such as economics, recirculation and language. Shifting perspectives and viewing the world in a new way comprise an important part of Ytterstad’s art. He demonstrates wonderment in his view of reality, either through adding objects, changing or removing them or simply pointing to something that exists. In the catalogue, Erling Moestue Bugge examines the artist in relation to the art scene of the 1990s. Randi Godø looks at his production after the turn of the millennium and Jan Verwoert adds a few thoughts on the manner Ytterstad carries out his art.