Camilla Løw. The Space of Shape-Time

Exhibition catalogue
Contributors: Randi Godø and Dieter Roelstraete
Editors: Marianne Yvenes and Randi Godø
112 pages
Norwegian and English text
ISBN 978-82-8154-066-8
Price: NOK 100

The works of Camilla Løw employ an abstract style which at first sight may be reminiscent of modernist sculpture, minimalism and constructivism. However, she breaks with this tradition through her selection of materials and designs that recalls urban architecture and design. Her sculptures are often placed together in groups so that they relate to both each another and the viewer. Many of the sculptures are composed of identical, prefabricated parts stacked one upon the other, bound together by rope or hanging by a thin cord. Her preferred materials are concrete, oak, metal and plexiglas. The Space of Shape-Time exhibiton is the first major display of Løw’s works in Norway. The texts in this amply illustrated catalogue are written by the exhibition’s curator, Randi Godø, and by philosopher, curator and author, Dieter Roelstraete.