Emil Nolde. Jakten på det autentiske

Exhibition catalogue
Contributors: Øystein Ustvedt, Venke Wolle, Line Engen, Thomas Knubben and Manfred Reuther
Editors: Øystein Ustvedt and Marianne Yvenes
144 pages
Norwegian and English text
ISBN 978-82-8154-069-9
Price: NOK 200

Emil Nolde was one of the most important German artists from the first part of the 1900s. He lived in an area of North Germany bordering Denmark and had a close affiliation with the Nordic countries. The National Museum’s exhibition and catalogue present his life’s work in all its thematic, stylistic and technical facets. His images are characterised by extreme simplification, stylised figures, crude brushstrokes and bright colours. Nolde was a pioneer of German Expressionism. His themes include religious depictions, portraits, erotically charged motifs, fantasy images, flowers, the sea and landscapes. The catalogue’s articles relate his quest for authencity, the relationship between Nolde and Munch, Nolde and the die Brücke artists and Nolde’s relationship to Nazism.