I Wish This Was a Song. Music in Contemporary Art

Exhibition catalogue
Primary texts: Stina Høgkvist, Anne Hilde Neset and Sezgin Boynik
Editor: Ingvild Krogvig
180 pages
Norwegian and English text
ISBN 978-82-8154-068-2
Price: NOK 200

I Wish This Was A Song is an international group exhibition focusing on the role played by music in contemporary art today. All of the exhibited artists employ music or musical elements in their art. The catalogue comprises three main texts. Curator Stina Högkvist has written an introductory essay and introductions to the seven main chapters of the exhibition. Anne Hilde Neset, former editor for The Wire magazine and artistic leader of nyMusikk, examines the role of women in experimental music with particular emphasis on Her Noise Archive. Sociologist and music writer Sezgin Boynik writes about form in political music and reviews the rise and fall of the protest song. In addition to the essays, this work contains newly authored texts about each of the 48 artists involved.