Prisme. Tegning fra 1990 til 2012

Exhibition catalogue
Contributors: Gavin Jantjes, John Berger and James Elkins
112 pages
Norwegian and English text
ISBN 978-82-8154-064-4
Price: NOK 100

The exhibition is based on the National Museum’s collection of drawings and displays a broad range of expressions and forms. The word drawing (“tegning”) originates from Old Norse “teikn”, which can mean anything from a hint or suggestion and a symbolic expression of something to a movement or a track/trace. Prisme. Tegning fra 1990 til 2012 is not an historical account; it examines the development during this period of drawing’s figurative, conceptual and spatial vocabulary. The catalogue contains a foreword by Gavin Jantjes, excerpts from the diary of the fictitious painter Janos Lavin (authored by John Berger) and letters from the correspondence between John Berger and the art historian, James Elkins, on “drawings and distance”. The catalogue features a wide array of works from the exhibition.