Ufullførte reiser

Exhibition catalogue
Primary texts: Andrea Kroksnes and Morten Strøksnes
Editor: Marianne Yvenes
64 pages
Norwegian and English text
ISBN 978-82-8154-065-1
Price: NOK 30

The theme of this exhibition was different forms of journeys that never end – both concretely and by extension – to real or imaginary places. It also addresses the eternal search to find the individual’s self and one’s place in a changing world, where people are continually on the move – searching afar, returning home or never reaching their destination. Andrea Kroksnes’ text, Not at Home, views the question of the journey as a basis of identity in a broad perspective. Morten Strøknes depicts a specific trip from New York to Cape Cod which also represents a journey in time and across cultures. The exhibition’s various works and artists are also presented through brief texts.