Utsikter. Norge sett fra veien 1733–2020

Editors: Janike Kampevold Larsen and Nina Frang Høyum
Contributors: Brita Brenna, Torild Gjesvik, Mari Hvattum, Janike Kampevold Larsen and Bjarne Rogan
208 pages
Norwegian and English edition
Published by Forlaget Press in collaboration with the National Museum, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design
ISBN 978-82-7547-553-2 (Norwegian)
ISBN 978-82-7547-591-4 (English)
Price: NOK 349

Norway’s magnificent nature is a source of tremendous national pride. However, without a well-developed network of roads and architectonically designed and adapted rest areas and viewpoints, much of this nature would not be accessible to people. National Tourist Routes in Norway’s road network development projects make it possible for many to experience the landscape. This book and the exhibition associated with it present 300 years of development through depictions of scenic views in Norway as presented in paintings, drawings and photographs.