Edvard Munch 1863–1944

Exhibition catalogue
Contributors: Patricia G. Berman, Øyvind L. Storm Bjerke, Jay A. Clarke, Hans-Martin Frydenberg Flaatten, Mai Britt Guleng, Trine Nordkvelle, Nils Ohlsen, Ingeborg W. Owesen, Jon Ove Steihaug and Øystein Ustvedt
Editors: Mai Britt Guleng, Birgitte Sauge and Jon Ove Steihaug
420 pages Norwegian and English edition
Published by Skira Editore in collaboration with the Munch Museum and the National Museum
(The catalogue is also available in German, French and Italian editions)
ISBN 978-822-8154-074-3 (Norwegian), 978-82-8154-075-0 (English)
Price: NOK 398

Ten authors help to draw a comprehensive, in-depth portrait of Edvard Munch’s exceptional lifework and of his contributions to modern art. The catalogue addresses diverse aspects of Munch’s artistic strategies as well as individual themes and phenomena related to his shifting views on art.

The articles draw on perspectives from recent research developed through special exhibitions, new expository catalogues of Munch’s graphics and paintings as well as a large body of surviving texts. Even though major works such as the Scream and the Sun place Munch in the centre of the canon of modernist art, the catalogue provides a fresh look at Munch’s response to modernist issues such as the relationship between art and reality, the individual’s place in the world, the modern roles of the artist and the public.