Møt Edvard Munch

Children’s book (ages 9–13)
Contributors: Hilde Dybvig, Lasse Jacobsen, Ellen J. Lerberg, Lill Heidi Opsahl, Sivert Thue and Hilde Ødegaard
Editors: Hilde Dybvig, Ellen J. Lerberg and Lill Heidi Opsahl
112 pages Norwegian, English, German, French and Italian editions
Published by Skira Editore in collaboration with the Munch Museum and the National Museum
ISBN 978-822-8154-076-7 (Norwegian)
Price: NOK 198

Painter. Human being. Celebrity. Modern, innovative and ever-relevant. Edvard Munch was one of the world’s most famous artists. His powerful images still move people throughout the world today. This book provides insight into his art. How and why did his images come to be what they are? Which ideas, emotions and human issues do they revolve around?