Aase Texmon Rygh. Modernisme for alltid! / Modernism Forever!

Exhibition catalogue
Contributors: Randi Godø and Sigrun Åsebø
Editors: Randi Godø, Marianne Yvenes
Norwegian and English text
160 pages
ISBN 978-82-8154-087-3
Price: NOK 150

Aase Texmon Rygh introduced modern, abstract sculpture to the Norwegian art scene as early as 1952. Since that time she has followed up on the concepts of abstraction and reduction in an uncompromising manner and has displayed a tireless dedication to the essence of sculpture, purity of form and integrity in relation to the three-dimensional object.

The exhibition and the catalogue present the wide range of the artist’s production from the 1950s up until the present day. In addition to two textual presentations, the catalogue contains a large number of photographs and documentation materials.