An Appetite for Painting. Samtidsmaleri fra 2000 til 2014

Exhibition catalogue
Contributors: Robert Storr and Gavin Jantjes
Editors: Gavin Jantjes and Marianne Yvenes
Norwegian and English text
128 pages
ISBN 978-82-8154-090-3
Price: NOK 120

An Appetite for Painting
Presentations from two conferences on contemporary painting: Analia Saban, Geir Harald Samuelsen, Jitish Kallat, Dag Erik Elgin, Hannelise Røgeberg, Marlene Dumas, Kira Wager, Gavin Jantjes, Glenn Barkley, Mari Slaattelid and Olav Christopher Jenssen.

Editor: Gavin Jantjes
Norwegian and English text
128 pages
ISBN 978-82-8154-091-0
Price: NOK 80

Total price for exhibition catalogue and reader together: NOK 150

Painting is one of the oldest art forms and has long been the most prestigious medium when it comes to exhibitions. The reputation of this art form foundered with the emergence of post-modernism in the second half of the 1900s, and for some time it was said to have played out its role. The new millennium spawned new interest, however, and painting has returned to contemporary art with a broader range of expression and form than ever. This exhibition presents the entire spectrum of painting after the year 2000.

The title of both the catalogue and the exhibition draws on art historian Robert Storr’s notion of talking about art as something people are hungry for, and not just drawn to.