Grip friheten! / Take Liberty!

Exhibition catalogue
Contributors: Andrea Kroksnes, Gavin Jantjes et al.
Editors: Andrea Kroksnes and Marianne Yvenes
Norwegian and English text
144 pages
ISBN 978-82-8154
Price: NOK 150

The catalogue, produced for one of the National Museum’s five exhibitions marking the bicentennial of Norway’s Constitution, focuses on the present day in light of the reigning philosophical and political ideals in 1814. A key topic is freedom of speech, an important human right that is safeguarded in the Norwegian Constitution.

Presenting over 20 Norwegian and foreign contemporary artists whose work is concerned with the freedom of the individual in a broad interpretation. Their projects show the opportunities, as well as the problems, associated with expressing oneself in a world marked by systematic human rights violations. The exhibition touches upon numerous different topics, from sexuality and ethnic or cultural affiliation to the struggle for independence and acts of civil disobedience.