Norge 1814. Tidsbilder. Design og mote. Klassisk Christiania / Images of an Idea. Design and Fashion. Classical Christiania

Exhibition catalogue
Contributors: Anne Kjellberg, Nils Messel, Marianne Moe, Trine Nordkvelle, Geir Thomas Risåsen, Bente Aass Solbakken, Bodil Sørensen and Einar Sørensen.
Editors: Widar Halén, Ellen J. Lerberg, Bente Aass Solbakken and Marianne Yvenes
Norwegian and English text
224 pages
ISBN 978-82-8154-085-9 Price: NOK 248

“There was a time when the king was half French, half Danish and completely un-Norwegian – when a Swedish governor sat as the head of the Norwegian government and supervised all of the country’s political circles…”

The emergence of a national art scene in Norway around the year 1814 occurred at a time of major social change. Developments in Norwegian art, architecture and design form the starting point for the exhibition, Norway 1814, which is part of the National Museum’s celebrations to mark the bicentennial of Norway’s Constitution. The richly illustrated catalogue encompasses the three parts of the exhibition, offering a wide range of material. Here are landscapes of beautiful Norwegian nature and portraits depicting the development of new bourgeois ideals. The fashion of the time is also presented as well as the architecture of Classical Christiania, where the historic buildings in the Quadrature district were adapted for new purposes. This included the Palace, the grand residence in Christiania where the royals resided in the early 1800s.