Fiona Tan. Geography of Time

Exhibition catalogue
English, Norwegian, German and Hebrew
208 pages
Price: NOK 249
ISBN 978-3-86335-839-6

Distributor: Koenig Books Ltd, London

Contributors: Eva Klerck Gange, Christophe Gallois, Peter Gorschluter, Angela Jerardi, Jenny Hval and Ruth Direktor. A collaboration between the National Museum, Mudam Luxembourg, Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

At the heart of Fiona Tan’s works is her fascination with the changeability of identity, the unpredictable nature of representation and the interplay of memory, time and space. Her films and videos explore both ideas of individual and collective identity in an increasingly globalised world and the stories and journeys that form this identity. Images of people almost always play a key role in her photographs, films and audiovisual installations. She is also interested in language and the written word and writes the introductory texts to her films herself.