Hannah Ryggen. Weaving the World

Exhibition catalogue
Norwegian and English
160 pages
Price: NOK 199
ISBN 978-82-8154-105-4

Distributor: Koenig Books Ltd, London

Contributors: Julia Björnberg, Øystein Ustvedt, Marit Paasche, Steffen Wesselvold Holden and Inga Elisabeth Næss. A collaboration with Moderna Museet Malmö.

Hannah Ryggen’s (1894–1970) woven tapestries depict visual reactions to contemporary events, conflicts and processes in time; she drew the world into her loom. Around the mid-1930s she confronted the destructive forces of fascism and Nazism. The way in which she thematised violence and tyranny echoes modern, power-critiquing historical paintings. Her dedication and desire to present a narrative go hand in hand with a free emphasis on abstract patterns, forms and colours.