Poor Art – Rich Legacy. Arte Povera and Parallel Practices 1968–2015

Exhibition catalogue
Norwegian and English
64 pages
Price: NOK 50
ISBN 978-82-8154-100-9

Contributors: Andrea Kroksnes and Audun Eckhoff.

This exhibition celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Museum of Contemporary Art. The focus has been on examining the museum’s activities in its earliest years compared to present-day art production and new acquisitions. Pieces from the Arte povera, Land art, Minimalism and Conceptual art movements were prized among the museum’s purchases in the early years, and the acquisitions policy from that time set the standard for purchases today. Works from the end of the 1960s are still considered to be relevant and inspiring for contemporary artists, and as such have not become canonised as art history but live on and continue to provide a reference framework for much of the art subsequently produced. Visitors to the exhibition travel through a quarter-century of art history.