The National Museum. Antique Sculpture. Catalogue

Inventory catalogue
Norwegian and English
256 pages
Price: NOK 249
ISBN 978-82-8154-098-9

This catalogue presents a total of 161 objects or object fragments held in the National Museum’s collection, with newly authored texts, updated references to literature and new photographs. Parts of the text are translated into English. Sven Ahrens, Senior Curator at the Norwegian Maritime Museum, and Siri Sande, Professor Emerita at the University of Oslo, are responsible for the presentation of the catalogue material and have supplied most of the content. Editorial committee: Sven Ahrens, Nils Messel and Birgitte Sauge. The catalogue is divided into seven sections: ideal sculpture with classical and Hellenistic models; ideal sculpture from the time of Roman emporors; portraits; Greek votive and funerary reliefs; sarcophages and urns; campana reliefs; architectural fragments. Each catalogue text contains a description and a brief discussion, in addition to technical information.