The Needle's Eye. Contemporary Embroidery

Exhibition catalogue
Norwegian and English
128 pages
Price: NOK 148
ISBN 978-82-8154-092-7

Contributors: Anne-Karin Jortveit and Anne Kjellberg. A collaboration between the National Museum and KODE Art Museums of Bergen. In recent years, there has been renewed interest in materials and handiwork techniques in the expanded realm of contemporary art. This also applies to artistic expression deriving from textile traditions. The Needle's Eye shows the relevance embroidery has gained in the wake of this trend. The subject of contemporary embroidery is the primary focus, but selected older embroidery pieces from the museum’s collections have been included to provide an overall background for the exhibition. History is important in the interpretation of embroidery art and opens the door to understanding key topics such as gender, power, time, tradition and narratives.