Along the Coast: Gude and His Students Around 1870

Exhibition catalogue
Norwegian and English
190 pages
Price: 249 NOK
ISBN: 978-82-8154-112-2

Authors: Frode Haverkamp, Hild Sørby, Tone Klev Furnes, Brit Berggreen, Thierry Ford, Laura Homer, Marianne Yvenes, Frithjof Bringager

In the history of Norwegian art, few names are better known than Hans Gude. As a rule, he is mentioned in the same breath as Adolph Tidemand, thanks to the celebrated painting they created together in Düsseldorf in 1848, the national romantic icon Bridal Procession on the Hardanger Fjord. The exhibition presented Hans Gude’s maritime paintings and coastal landscapes, while also focusing on his significance as an inspirational teacher for Norwegian artists such as Eilif Peterssen, Kitty Kielland, Frits Thaulow, Christian Krohg and many others during his time as professor at the art academy in Karlsruhe.