Norsk natur. Toril Johannessen & Tue Greenfort

Exhibition catalogue
Norwegian and English
128 pages
Price: 199 NOK
ISBN: 978-82-8154-115-3

Authors: Randi Godø, Siv Hofsvang, Jairus Victor Grove, Kwame Aidoo

The two artists regard the exhibition this catalogue is based on as a holistic ecosystem. “Norsk natur” ("Norwegian nature") reflects and comments on our changing perceptions of natural landscapes and ecosystems and the ways they relate to the economy and state institutions.

The title seems to suggest a certain type of nature, owned and defined by the nation state, but this shouldn’t be taken literally. Instead it should be regarded as a metaphor for more general reflections on the reciprocal relationship between nature and social systems and as a tool for analysing the dichotomy between people’s investigations of nature and what we do to preserve it.