Research and development

Research and development work at the National Museum is generally conducted in connection with the museum’s own exhibitions, collection activities, publications and conferences.

The museum staff collaborate with other museums by contributing with their expertise to publications as editors, authors and specialists in their respective fields. In addition, several of the museum’s staff serve on boards and in committees at other organisations both nationally and internationally.

The National Museum’s Research Committee meets four times each year and has the following members:

Nina Berre, departmental director, Architecture – committee chairperson

Nils Ohlsen, departmental director, Old Masters and Modern Art

Widar Halén, departmental director, Industrial Art and Design

Sabrina van der Ley, departmental director, Contemporary Art

Francoise Hanssen-Bauer, departmental director, Collection Management

Turid Aakhus, secretary


Publications about research and development work by National Museum staff are documented in the academic research database CRISTIN.