20|20 offers exciting and inspiring experiences for young art lovers who want to learn more about contemporary art while helping the National Museum develop its collection of contemporary art.

We are a group of young art lovers below 40 who are keenly interested in promoting contemporary art. We are following an international museum tradition by giving a new generation the chance to invest in a lifelong commitment to art with exclusive access to the National Museum’s exhibitions, by means of a programme of special events that promote contemporary art and young artists.

Membership allows you to immerse yourself in contemporary art through a series of special events consisting of private tours of the museum, visits to studios and collectors, lectures, and trips abroad. As a 20|20 member you also help the National Museum acquire contemporary art for its collection and influence what will hang on the museum walls when the new National Museum opens at Vestbanen in 2020. The new complex is set to become the largest art museum in the Nordic countries and will allow the works of art to be displayed in a far better way than is presently the case.

Join us today!

We hope you want to participate in 20|20! Membership requires an annual minimum donation of NOK 5,000.

As a 20|20 member you will also enjoy all the membership benefits of the Friends of the National Museum – read more.


Contact information

Do you have any questions? Feel free to send us an e-mail at 2020@nasjonalmuseet.no or call us at +0047 21 98 20 00.