The Drawing Studio and Fairy Tale Room at the National Gallery

 The National Gallery will be temporarily closed after 13 January 2019.

Come and draw a sculpture

In the National Gallery, we have a drawing studio, where you can sit and draw a sculpture.

There’s plenty of time for you to sit and draw. You can try out different sizes of paper, with soft and hard pencil. And you can hang your drawings on the wall to share with others.

The room will change over time, with a variety of activities on offer.


Meet the water sprite, the princess and the troll in the Fairy Tale Room

In the Fairy Tale Room at the National Gallery, you can tiptoe into the darkness and find where the water sprite, the princess and the troll are hiding.

Look down into the illuminated holes and you will find scenes from fairy tales drawn by the artist Theodor Kittelsen more than a hundred years ago. Some people say he was the one who discovered what trolls really look like. How many trolls can you find in the room? If you want, you can sit down and invent stories for each other about the pictures you see around you.

We have created an activity booklet with fun, frightening and exciting things to do. You can take it with you and continue the adventures in your own home.