Familie på NG-15_crop.jpg
In the National Gallery. Photo: Nasjonalmuseet / Børre Høstland

Tips and Practical Information

Choose what you want to see – don’t try to see everything!

Look carefully at the objects or works, and talk about what you see – invent stories that you can tell to each other.

Remember that you must not touch the exhibited objects. (Although our wardens are friendly, from experience we know that it is much better for children to learn from parents that they are not allowed to touch the art.) Ask the people who work in the museum if you have any questions.

Baby buggies: All our venues have buggies available for babies and toddlers during your visit. The use of private buggies and strollers is not permitted. Ask the staff about where you can park private buggies.

Baby care room: available in all our venues.

Cafés: The staff at our cafés are specially attentive to the needs of children. Talk to the waiter or waitress to hear what they can do for you. All our cafés have high chairs for infants. We also have an exciting place mat designed by the illustrator Øyvind Torseter, with plenty of space for children to draw while you wait for your refreshments.