From the exhibition “The Dance of Life: The Collection from Antiquity to 1950”. Photo: Nasjonalmuseet / Annar Bjørgli

Humankind Throughout the Ages: Representations of the Body from Antiquity to Today

The Dance of Life. The Collection from Antiquity to 1950
Tour and workshop
Permanent programme

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Join us for a journey in time through art history, from antiquity and the Renaissance all the way to today’s multicultural society. We discover how various ideals of the body have been presented in art throughout the ages. Is there a connection between antiquity’s notions of portraiture and the informal depictions of our own time, such as selfies?


In the studio we will take our experiences from the tour as a starting point for our own creative work in making a portrait, using pencil and charcoal. There will also be time to discuss the encounter between the ideals of historical art and the drawings we make in the studio.

Duration: Tour: 1 hour/ Tour and workshop: 2 hours

Educational level: Adult education

No. of students: 30

Venue: National Gallery, Universitetsgata 13


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