Tour: Speed Date "In Residence" Participants

10. september 2016

The National Museum – Architecture

Welcome to a meeting with participants in the "In Residence" exhibition – 10 September from 14.00 to 16.00.

The program begins with an introduction by two teams who have been working with intervention strategies connected to different sites in the Nordic countries: Bollería Industrial have been investigating the theme of border crossing at Oslo Airport Gardermoen, and Cher the potential of digital-sharing platforms in Copenhagen.

A guided tour by several of the exhibition participants will offer unique insights into the fifteen different projects from ten global sites.

The exhibition presents ten commissioned reports and five intervention strategies, produced by architects, academics, artists and activists. Collectively, these represent two distinct but related architectural approaches to the selected locations. The ten reports describe the various locations in a range of ways that provide richly nuanced perspectives. The five intervention strategies for the Nordic locations propose tactical and long-term solutions for their respective locations, reflecting alternative ways of working with architecture. “In Residence” presents the various approaches and explores the possible ways architecture can address the new realities.