The Nordic Participation at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia: «In Therapy. Nordic Countries Face to Face»

28 May 2016–27 November 2016

The Nordic Exhibition - Venice

The international architecture biennale, arranged every two years, is considered the foremost architecture arena in the world in which inspiring ideas and thoughts from architects in more than sixty participating countries are presented as contributions and reflections to the discourse. In 2016 ArkDes (Sweden) will be in charge of organizing the Nordic exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia.

«Reporting from the front»

Architect and Editor David Basulto has been appointed as the Curator of the Nordic contribution for 2016. The exhibition will connect to the biennale’s artistic director Alejandro Aravena's overarching theme «Reporting from the Front» by using Nordic society as a springboard to understand future challenges, which architecture and the design of the built environment must meet.

Basulto is working on a psychoanalysis of the Nordic countries, through architecture. The analysis will function as a contribution to how we pose questions and seek to understand the direction of Nordic architecture today, and how Nordic architecture will reach its full potential.

An open call for projects has been launched, with the intention of gathering vital and relevant contemporary projects from Finland, Norway and Sweden that have shaped (or are shaping) society and have aided (or are aiding) in the process of understanding collective upcoming challenges. For more information, visit ArkDes’ website.

The Nordic Exhibition

The Nordic contribution will be presented in the Nordic Pavilion, a space designed by Sverre Fehn in the 1960s and co-owned by Finland, Norway and Sweden. In the same way, the Nordic participation in the Venicemostrais also a collaboration between the Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki, the National Museum’s Department of Architecture, Oslo, and ArkDes – the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, Stockholm.

For more information about «La Biennale di Venezia», visit the exhibition’s website.