Ekstrøm Extreme. Furniture and Industrial Design

14 February 2016–8 May 2016

Final week!
The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design

The work of pioneering designer Terje Ekstrøm (1944-2013) contributed a new vitality and independence to the Norwegian design scene of the 1970s and 80s, a time of significant cultural and social change. He represented a new generation of designers who challenged the ideals of their forbears and the golden age of Scandinavian design.

Ekstrøm’s internationally successful Ekstrem chair was designed in 1972, but did not go into production until 1984. It is seen as one of Norway’s first postmodern designs and has achieved iconic status due to its unique and visionary qualitities. It is, however, an object that invites a multitude of interpretations.

Ekstrøm’s audio equipment designs for the renowned Tandbergs Radiofabrikk achieved similar acclaim.

His uncompromising and even anti-commercial ethos stands in stark contrast to today’s market-orientated design approach. This exhibition for the first time tells the story of Ekstrøm’s design practice, characterised by a joy in the making and an eclectic search for originality.

The exhibition includes a mini workshop, where anyone is free to make their own version of the Extreme chair.

Contact: tel: +47 21 98 20 00
Press Contact:Elise Lundtel: +47 993 21 942
Exhibition Curator:Denise Hagströmertel: +47 459 62 460
Project Manager: Marianne Moetel: +47 459 62 669