From the Coolest Corner. Nordic jewellery

20 January 2013–21 April 2013

The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design

The exhibition showcases experimental and boundary-breaking contemporary jewellery from sixty of the foremost Nordic and Baltic designers. Some of the most cutting-edge and sophisticated examples of Nordic jewellery design will be on display.

The spotlight will be on jewellery as an art form, featuring a varied, dazzling, and challenging display of modern jewellery that discusses both the contemporary age it embodies and the tradition of jewellery it follows. The works of recognised masters such as Sigurd Bronger (N), Kim Buck (DK), Konrad Mehus (N), Helena Lehtinen (FIN), and Tore Svendson (S) are displayed alongside works by a younger generation of jewellery designers, such as Sirja Knaapi (FIN), Helga Ragnhildur Mogensen (IS), and Anna Talbot (N). The exhibition provides unique insight into the preoccupations of contemporary Nordic jewellery designers and highlights their prominent standing both at home and abroad. The works in the exhibition have been selected by an international jury.

The project is a collaboration between the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts, and the National Museum, with support from the Nordic Culture Fund, Arts Council Norway, and Nordic Culture Point.