Style 1100-1905

1 January 2004–27 March 2016

Museum of Decorative Arts and Design

The exhibition features how different art directions have influenced the objects that we surround ourselves with, both in Norway and in other countries. In addition to the stylistic and historical “tour”, four “treasure chambers” are presented: Norwegian tapestries, East Asian decorative art, Norwegian silver and Norwegian glass and faience.

The historic styles of Europe grew out of a dynamic shift between different sources of inspiration, among which the cultures of Antiquity and the Orient have been prominent. The emerging industrialisation, which in the 1700s gave new possibilities for production, led to an ever increasing output of objects.

Norway’s stylistic expressions relate to the artistic and social influence from Europe. Fashions and styles were grafted using foreign impulses, yet at the same time they were adjusted to suit local tastes and a Norwegian market. High quality examples of Norwegian decorative art and design can be found throughout the whole period.

The Museum of Decorative Art and Design was established in 1876. The museum was meant to inspire producers, artisans and the general public, by giving them access to the best within textiles, silver, jewellery, ceramics, glass and furniture design. The objects on display are therefore examples of what was considered to be objects of excellence at the time they were acquired.