“Scream” through the magnifier

30 November 2013–12 January 2014

The National Gallery

Munch’s four versions of The Scream is the starting point for this exhibition, illustrated by reproductions of the paintings in 1:1 (the colours may differ from the originals). The National Museum’s painting from 1893 is the first version that shows the motif fully developed, and is the painting Munch exhibited in the years between 1893 and 1910, when the picture was acquired by the National Gallery.

An audio-visual program will be shown, explaining and examining the development of the motif, the structure of the picture and Munch’s painting technique. Surface cracks and flaking paint show that the painting is slowly decaying and changing. Munch’s handling, environmental conditions and pollution have been contributing factors, and so has Munch’s choice of materials. For how long will The Scream stay with us?

Curator: Trond Aslaksby