… Giacometti, Hodler, Klee … Swiss modern masters

30 September 2011–8 January 2012

The National Gallery

The Museum of Fine Arts in Bern is the oldest art museum in Switzerland and has an outstanding collection of Swiss art. In the fall of 2011 more than 50 works from this collection will be on display at the National Gallery.

The selection is centred on modern masters from Switzerland, and covers the period 1870–1970. Works by such famous artists as Arnold Böcklin, Paul Klee, Alberto Giacometti, Meret Oppenheim, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Johannes Itten and Ferdinand Hodler represent some of the highlights of the exhibition. These are artists that are united by their Swiss origins, but also by their position as modernist pioneers of international renown.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the Museum of Fine Arts in Bern, Kunsthalle der Hypo-Stiftung, Munich, and the National Museum.

Curator: Vibeke Waallann Hansen