From the exhibition "Sacral Treasures from the Moscow Kremlin Museums" in The National Gallery. Photo: Nasjonalmuseet

Sacral Treasures from the Moscow Kremlin Museums

24 September 2010–16 January 2011

The National Gallery

The exhibition shows 90 treasures from the collection of the Tsars in the Moscow Kremlin Museum, primarily icons, textiles and magnificent ritual objects used during liturgy in the imperial cathedrals.

Here one can admire some of the most famous icons of the Russian church, sumptuous textiles and bishops’ mitres embroidered with gold thread and precious stones, liturgical artefacts, including jewellery, crucifixes, chalices and censers made of silver and pure gold and studded with countless diamonds, pearls, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. The exhibition also includes a golden chalice and pyx made in 1795 by the Norwegian goldsmith Iver Winfeldt Buch, court jeweller to Catherine the Great. The chalice is 32 cm high and decorated with 435 precious stones from the empress’ own jewellery collection. The exhibition is produced by the National Museum in collaboration with the Kremlin Museum. Sponsor: Statoil.