Spaces for Abstraction. Norwegian art 1957–75

13 June 2014–7 September 2014

The National Gallery

In the years around 1960, various forms of abstract art became a focus of attention and the subject of lively debate in Europe and the United States. The German art historian Werner Haftmann declared quite simply that art had become abstract. In Norway, the new idioms were spread by artists like Anna-Eva Bergman, Arnold Haukeland, Johs Rian, Inger Sitter, Olav Strømme and Jakob Weidemann.

This exhibition explores the works created by these and other artists during the “golden age of abstraction”. In a series of themed rooms, this most eye-catching phenomenon of post-war art is presented as it was developed by fourteen central figures with ties to Norway.

Curators: Vibeke Waallann Hansen and Øystein Ustvedt