Architecture of Consequence. Dutch and Norwegian designs on the future

9 March 2012–27 May 2012

The National Museum – Architecture

The exhibition shows how architecture can create a more sustainable future and help to solve global challenges.

In the Ulltveit-Moe Pavilion ten renowned Dutch architectural firms present possible answers to societal challenges in the fields of food production, healthcare, energy, time management, space and social organisation. The exhibition Ildsjeler (Ardent Spirits) in the Bucher Hall links these themes to conditions in Norway. In this work, the architects Helen & Hard take their cue from individuals with a passion for radical ideas and initiatives. With their projects and ambitions, such local enthusiasts often help to shift society towards more sustainable practices.

The exhibition is produced by the Netherlands Architecture Institute and presented in collaboration with the National Museum.Ildsjeler is a collaboration between the National Museum and Helen & Hard.

Curator: Anne Marit Lunde